Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Quotes, part 2

How lucky that you two should meet,
And make each other's life complete.
Author: unknown

A wedding begins a new world,
As two hearts pledge one love,
And two lives join in one dream.
Author: unknown

You will say I do to one another
A vow, a promise, there will be no other
Remember your vows now and for always
Love each other for the rest of your days
Author: Harriet E. Coren

Came but for friendship, and took away love.
Author: - Thomas Moore -

Love knows no limit to its endurance
no end to its trust,
Love still stands
when all else has fallen.
Author: - 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 –

Marriage is a letting go,
A plunge into the deep.
No one need the currents fear
Nor hesitate to leap.
You may your spirits keep.
More is gained by giving up
And less by taking in.
Remember that to dwell in joy
You must make room within.
Author: unknown

Coming together on this special day
A journey you will be taking on life's highway.
Two hearts become one when you pledge your love
In front of family, friends, and God above.
Author: Linda Waymire

The path to happiness
is so narrow that two
cannot walk on it
unless they become one.
Author: unknown

Marriage is a home for love,
a corner for warmth,
a place for joy.
Marriage is a love that takes
A lifetime to express.
Author: unknown

To give love
With an open heart,
To honor love
As the rare gift it is,
To nuture love
As you would a tender seedling,
Is to know how to make love last.
Author: unknown

A wedding is the beautiful occasion
When two separate lives are blended into one,
When promises and dreams begin unfolding
And the journey of a marriage is begun.

Marriage is a weaving together of two lives ...
A creation of passion, artistry, and soul.
As long as you live and breathe,
It will continue to evolve into patterns
More intricate and more marvelous
Than either person could render alone.

Two become one,
not by giving up
the wonderful qualities
that makes them unique
but by learning, growing,
and becoming whole together.

Love often and love much.
Love in the first light of dawn,
in the last flicker of dusk.
Love every touch, every word,
each stolen moment, each playful kiss
Love every chance to love and be loved.
Love long and love well.
Just love!

Love is the caring of
two hearts
the pairing of
two lives,
the sharing of
two souls.

Once in a lifetime,
right in the middle of an
ordinary life ...
Love writes a fairy tale.
Author: unknown

Two minds,
two pairs of hands,
two hearts,
two special wedding bands ...
two lives,
once mine and yours,
now one ...
one love ...
that’s all there is!
Author: unknown

May you always find shelter
in one another's arms...
May you always find warmth
in one another's touch...
May you always find love
in one another's heart
Author: unknown

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