Sunday, October 10, 2010

Retirement Quotes

May you have all the happiness
And luck that life can hold -
And at the end of your rainbows
May you find a pot of gold.

As a chapter closes
in your life
And a new one
starts for you,
May your years
be filled
with all the things
you're looking forward to!

Retiring" is not how
I would describe you.
I have a feeling that
it is the beginning of another
exciting chapter in your life.
Whatever retirement means to you,
may it bring greater
personal fulfillment
than you ever thought possible.

Retirement is when you stop living at
work and begin working at living!

Retirement life is at your pace...what a wonderful gift.

A lifetime of work behind you...a chance to begin again. Enjoy the adventure.

Now that you're retiring and you'll be spending the day goofing off, think of the gang back at the office...spending the day goofing off.

Now that you are retiring, when someone says "have a nice day", you actually have a shot at it.

Retirement definition
R: Rising when one wishes to
E: Even on weekdays
T: Taking trips in trailers too
I: Independence on the freeways
R: Reading, fishing, playing cards
E: Even time to volunteer
M: managing to keep the yard
E: Exactly right this year
N: nestling on the front porch swing
T: taking classes, too.
Hoping all these lovely things,
Retirement brings to you."

The trouble with retirement is that
you never get a day off.

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