Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animal Quotes



Happy Birthday to Mooo

Udderly Fantastic

Hope your'e in the moooood for a great birthday!

You mooove me to tears!

Cow are you?


"I like you, no bull"
"I'm in the mooood for love."
"Smooooth Moooove"

"The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other milk."


How come a cow
Never says "Ow!"
Whenever there's milking to do?
It doesn't say "Ow!"
For it pleases the cow,
So instead, the cow says "Moo!"


Cows mostly stand there,
Seldom climb mountains,
Don't travel widely,
Like to stay home.

how about "what's moo with you?"

outstanding in the field
I'm over the moon for you
we've moooooved

I was MOOOVED by you
Have an udderdly wonderful ...birthday, holiday, etc.

Moovin' on Up

Here's Mooing at You

Better late than heifer

What's moo with you?

What's the moos?

Find the words you can substitute MOO or COw for, like music, news, who, whose...etc. I bet you can find TONS of uses! NOw lets see some in the gallery! LOL

Herd the Moos?

Here's Moosing at you kid.

The cow stamp isn't really christmassy but I can EASILY throw on a santa hat (Red triangle and try the liquid applique stuff) and/or a nice button red nose to emulate rudolph... this would look absolutely great with this stamp.

I have one that says Better Late Than Heifer.

You could give the cow a sombrero, and add the phrase "Mooochas Gracias!"

random stamp some musical notes and say, "you're moosic to my ears"

For someone who tells a lot of jokes... "You're so a-moo-sing".

Or for a birthday, stamp the cow twice and add the message, "Happy Birthday two moo".

Stamp two cows and put Deja Moo

For the Shoe -
If the shoe fits, Buy it or Buy one in every color or buy the matching purse
So Shoe Me
Miss Shoe
What's Shoe with You
Hope you Heel Better
It is all about Shoes
Cute Shoes Cure The Blues
No one can fill your Shoes
Kick up your Heels
I Miss Shoe Very Much
If the Shoe fits Dance
A woman's right to shoe
I can deal with anything as long as I have the right shoes
I love shoe
Shoes and Friends - one can never have to many

Hee hee, deja moo! I love that one!
Here's a couple more:
"Simply Moolicious"
"Moos looking at you"
"Like no Udder"
"Udderly in love with you"
"Moos-ic baby"
"I Moos You"

Hurd any good moos?

You're udderly amazing!
You're udderly awesome!
How now brown cow?

and a birthday card with a ballon tied to his tail.

"Holy, Cow" followed by...
...I missed your birthday, hope it was grand!
....That was a great party! Thanks for the invite!
...thanks for the great gift!

I love moo

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